Rural Infrastructure Development Fund

Rural Infrastructure Development Fund is a scheme supported by National Agriculture Bank for Rural Development (NABARD). The bank has created a corpus at National level for the purpose of rural infrastructure development. Various departments of state governments can approach the bank through guarantee of the State Government for development of rural infrastructure in their jurisdiction.
In Andhra Pradesh the Department of Rural Development, Forest, Panchayat Raj, Minor Irrigation have availed this fund.
The Rural Development Department has a perspective plan of 10 year requiring Rs.4000.00 Crores for treatment of 100 lakh hectares of degraded land. Therefore each disrict has selected certain villages for treatment and each village is sanctioned fund as separate project by NABARD. The Project is implemented by Project Director, DPAP/DDP/DWMA
The implementation at village level is through user groups who are formed on the basis of drainage line. These groups decide treatment of drainage line or common lands. The scheme excludes private land treatment. Funds are transferred by Project Director to user group bank account as per approved proposal.
The scheme is being implemented under RIDF-VI in 22 districts through 1345 projects for an amount of Rs.148.00 Crores. The project period is three years is from 2000-2001 to 2002 -2003.